What is next for Wingnut….

I think that it really hit home to me just today about the ‘gravity’ of losing HMV to places like Limerick and Galway. I’m sad to see them go because, while I rock away in my beloved bubble of underground music, I realise the limitations that is there in terms of other people sourcing their favourite music locally.

So, here is what we plan to do. 

First of all, Wingnut Records will remain underground, alternative and predominantly Irish music.

At the same time, we are opening accounts with distributors through our Wingnut Limerick hosts in Moviedrome. From here we will have access to a huge range of international titles and labels. These international titles can at least have the OPTION to be made available in any of our Wingnut host businesses.

Keep an eye out and save up your vinyl money for the next few weeks and soon, you will find your favourite music available in your town again.

And if you cannot find it? Order it. An ordering system is already set up in Moviedrome, just email Paul@moviedrome.ie


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