Record Store Day -April 19th 2014

Here is a rundown of Wingnut events in Galway, Limerick, Waterford & Dublin for Record Store Day 2014.

I have only organised one of these events, the rest have been put together by local musicians, volunteers and very kind business partners. There is way more going on than I even realised myself, as people have taken it upon themselves to help us out and organise events in their own community. Privileged to work with so many excellent people….

Limerick::: Live instore performances by MYNAMEISJOHN + GOD KNOWS, and acoustic sets by WINDINGS and FOX JAW. Lots of free Wingnut merch and other giveaways.

Waterford::: Kicking off at 12.30pm and rolling thru the afternoon, Local DJs spinning in The Hive (art space across the street from Kieran’s Wingnut Waterford outlet) feat. some of the Sons Phonetic crew, free merch, records going cheap, giveaways, etc.

Galway::: Live instore performance by MYNAMEISJOHN + GOD KNOWS at around 4pm. Freebies, etc. Also a tidy warm-up for the ensuing Community Skratch Games event on Saturday and Sunday.

Dublin::: Wingut/Musicmaker extravaganza, kicking off at 9pm at Bello Bar in Portobello. This amazing lineup has been put together by the Musicmaker crew and features THE RIVER FANE, BITCH FALCON, BOUTS and NO SPILL BLOOD.


Special shout as well for my man Gib Cassidy finishing up the retail side of ELASTIC WITCH. Gib is a wonderful cat, always great fun and amazing passion and knowledge of music. His party at Twisted Pepper on Saturday looks amazing as well!  


So get out and get stuck in and have a mighty day. Weather looks like it’ll hold up, so it’s massive vibes wherever you are!


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