Wingnut Records is 4 YEARS OLD!!!

Hey yo!! Just a very quick note to mark that Wingnut Records is four years old this week! It only just dawned on me this morning that it was our birthday, so I decided that it would be nice to say a few thank yous and reflect on a thing or two that are unique to our little Wingnut Records project.

First of all, I’d like to say huge thanks to everyone involved in any way. Now that  Wingnut has ‘grown up’ (using that term very loosely!) we can maybe define it a little more. Wingnut is owned by everyone, it is a completely participatory owned and creative art/music project. If you are a musician, a label or a graphic artist that has your stuff on our shelves, then you are our stakeholders. If you have supported us and bought any music, art, t-shirts etc. then you are the one keeping this underground and intersting art in our streets.

Wingnut now retails from five locations with thanks to volunteers and business partners::

The wonderful Bell, Book & Candle in Galway. The funky as feck Moviedrome in Limrock. The amazing Kieran’s Books & Stuff in Waterford City. The brilliant Sound Factory in Athlone. The truly awesome Music Maker on Exchequer Street in Dublin.

Wingnut has carved out a little brand for representing the often ignored and often cutting edge music and art that is produced in this country. We are at the coal face, we are with the artists and we are where it is essential.

It’s great to have new music retail colleagues like Records & Relics and Music Zone in Cork, as well as ongoing reverence and camaraderie with Plugd, Tower, Rollercoaster and the rest of the independents. 

Wingnut has extended to radio on my weekly show Spin ALT on Spin South West, and some media journalists and other radio outlets have recognised what Wingnut offers. We are pushing the envelope and seeing where we can take it!

The next few years will see some more (VERY EXCITING!!!) art projects as well as new releases on the Wingnut label. There is certainly no shortage of inspiration.

Finally, the past four years has been so much fun and it has been just brilliant to bear witness to so much hard work, ideas and heart’n’soul expression from so many of you. It’s such a privilege!! And we are still going very strong; this week alone we have new records hitting the shelves from Hands Up Who Wants To Die, So Cow(Goner Records), Women’s Christmas (Out On A Limb Records), The Debutantes as well as the new 12″ from Dublin’s HipDrop Records.

Keep it REAL!!



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